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Return Policy

All Sales are FINAL other than the following terms

Here at CrowdFreak, we want to ensure that our users have safe transactions and great experiences whilst utilizing our platform! It is our goal to verify that all vendors using our platform are presenting our artist with legitimate opportunities to perform at thousands of venues countrywide!

Because our platform serves as an intermediary between artists and performance opportunities, and each show is independently created by each vendor, we can’t guarantee the outcome of every show. However, we do review certain instances for refunds through our CLAIMS page, where each users has the ability to create a refund claim against any vendor not following our guidelines. The following details what users can and cannot start a refund claim for:

Can Make A Claim For:

· Cancellations: If a vendors cancels the event, each user will be refunded the funds used to pay for event

· There is no actually event: Although CrowdFreak’s verification process is extremely tenacious, there could be cases (minimal) where events are cancelled or falsified, in this case funds will be refunded to users.

· Entertainment equipment not provided: It is mandatory that our vendors provide a venue, a mic and sound system at each performance. If one or all of these items are not provided a claim can be started by our users for a refund.

Cannot Make A Claim For:

· Event Turnout is Low: It is our hope that every event that our users choose to perform at, has a large audience of music lovers that increase their fan base, however, in some cases this may not be the outcome. Because promoters can’t guarantee large turnouts at events, this is something that we will not be able to process a refund for.

· Event does not meet your expectations: Depending on the prominence of the show that you purchase, the show may not be up to the grand standards that you as an artist are use to. In this case, we will not refund your purchase. It is our hope that you research the vendors profile, the venue, and past shows done with the venue and/or promoter, to base your performance outcome.

After opening a claim, our staff will contact the vendor to advance the dispute to a resolution. This may take up to 72 hours+. It is our hope to settle all disputes as quickly as possible, so that you can get back to enjoying your time at