Tez Honcho

Tez honcho the one and only head honcho, is out here giving us a whole new perspective on what it means to be an artist. He comes from deep meaningful places and makes sure to share them with us through his music and especially his visuals. He gives all his thanks to his late grandmother for showing him his musical path and really inspiring to be the person and artist he is today. Though Tez is known as a rapper, he is multitalented and specializes in directing, event coordinating, modeling and he hopes to brush up on his singing as well.

Creating a song is a spiritual process that takes a lot of in the moment feels and careful planning. It’s always from the heart and he sometimes even surprises himself when expressing how he truly feels throughout his projects because that reach is just that deep for him. Upon asking Tez what makes him different from other artists he replies, “I believe in the humblest way that I am the whole, complete package. Some artists have the looks and not the talent or vice versa.” Tez honcho just dropped a cold video called, “Work It Out.” The creativity Tez brought to the table with this video blew his audience out of the water and straight into their feelings. He’s currently working on a song, “This Thing Called Love” and a couple of feature songs with artists Drel and Tradavonchi. Most of his focus is on his events “Nights of No Sleep but Full of Dreams” Showcases and more visuals.

Of course, he aims to be iconic but most importantly he wants people to really and truly grasp his story and all that he represents through every aspect. Last words-and words of true wisdom, “This too shall pass. You may be going through a tough time and the world may seem like it’s going to end, but one day you’ll look back and laugh. Stay strong.”