CrowdFreakverifies all shows before approving them for purchase.

About CrowdFreak:

In today’s entertainment industry, many upcoming artist have come to the understanding that

financial investments are needed to gain the popularity of mainstream artist. Rather, its exposure via

live performances or through social media, every upcoming artist at some point comes to the realization

that a financial investment into their artistic career is needed to gain the status that is needed to

become mainstream. Promoters, venues, and entertainment providers all charge different types of fees

to assist these artist in gaining the necessary exposure, but too often does this process become

complicated when artist do not have the networks to obtain these opportunities and promoters alike

don’t have immediate access to artist. Due to these barriers and this disconnect, was


CrowdFreak was built to be the missing link between the performer and the performance,

LITERALLY. We have created an online platform that allows our vendors to post performance

opportunities and mainstream opening act opportunities for upcoming artist to purchase worldwide.

Our job is to assist artist in having direct access to performance opportunities, while also giving our

vendors (Promoters, Venues and Entertainment Providers) the ability to provide these entertainment

services and create revenue for their companies. Our vision is to be unrivaled in the entertainment

industry through providing unique and direct opportunities for artist to perform in front of their selected


CrowdFreak’s Liabilities and Responsibilities:

Our goal at is to provide our users (artist) with opportunities to perform in

front of their selected crowd like no other website before us. We have developed a platform that allows

vendors to post performance opportunities so that our users can take charge of their musical careers!

Because our platform serves as an intermediary between artists and performance opportunities,

and each show is independently created by each vendor, we can’t guarantee the outcome of every

show. Crowdfreak is no way liable for any situation that is to occur at the vendor created shows.

These vendors are not employees of CrowdFreak LLC, however, they utilize our site to promote their

services. All liabilities are at the hands of the vendors that post the performance opportunities. Our job

and responsibility is to make sure that our users and vendors have a platform to market their talents

and have safe transactions when purchasing opportunities. We do our best to verify that our vendors

are qualified and safe, and we detail more of our responsibilities in our Refund Policy.

CrowdFreak’s Responsibility: is responsible for maintaining a multi-functioning platform that serves as an

intermediary for music artist and performance opportunities. We make sure that our vendors provide

performance opportunities with a mic, speakers, and venue and/or performance space. Although we do

oversee transactions that occur through our website, we do have some guidlines when it comes to

refunds as outlined in our Refund Policy.

What CrowdFreak Is NOT Responsible For:

CrowdFreak is not responsible for the overall outcome of each show. All shows are

independently created and posted by individual vendors and promoters. As stated above and in our

Refund Policy, CrowdFreak is responsible for providing an intermediate platform for vendors to post

performance opportunities. These vendors also must provide the equipment (mic, speakers, and venue

and/or performance space) necessary for each artist to perform. Because each show is independently

created by our vendors, we cannot guarantee that every performance opportunity will have a large

audience. Each show is unique, and that’s why we provide vendor profiles for you to review to base

their previous show’s crowd turnout on your purchase. We also hope that you alert your personal fan

base (fans, friends and family) about your upcoming shows so that you can maximize your opportunity!

User Agreement:

Community Behavior:

CrowdFreak has set the standards of having a fun, motivational and opportunistic

environment within our community on our site. We invite our users to communicate positively

on our site and we ask that all interactions with other users be respectful. That is why will not

tolerate any interactions from users to user that will be deemed as disrespectful and

demeaning. These negative actions by any users can be grounds for suspension and/or

indefinite removal of accounts on

Copyrights of Users/Vendors:

When you post Content to our Site, either in your Profile or through other Services, you

represent and warrant that you hold all rights needed to grant requisite to content that you post. You

also certify that you own the copyright in all content subjects to copyright protection (or have been

given needed permissions by the copyright owner, or use the Content under “fair use” principles); and

that each person depicted in images or identified in text in your Content (if any), has provided you with

consent to use the Content as set forth in these Terms.

You may not utilize content of other users on CrowdFreak as your own. All Information posted

to your profile should be a depiction of your own work, rather it be music or examples of previous

shows (for vendors).

Removing of Post by Crowdfreak Representatives

If a user post’s content to their profile or that of another users profile that is goes

against our expectations out-lined in our Community Behavior section, CrowdFreak

Management has the rights to remove that content immediately.

Fradualent Usage:

We pride ourselves in creating a safe environment for our users and vendors. That is

why we have put measure into place to keep or community safe and secure. All fraudulent

activity which include hacking, fraudulent event post for purchase, false profiles, copy right

infringement, payment gateways usage outside of our site, and any other fraudulent activities

will result in account removal and/or legal actions.

Vendor Responsibility:

Our vendors are the most important aspect of our website that is why it is so important

for their business practices to follow all our complete guidelines. Below details our expectations

for profiles, transactions and shows for vendors:

Vendor Profiles

 All vendors profile should be accurate and have content that belongs to them or

something that that vendor was involved in.

 All videos of previous shows placed on a vendor profile should be of events that

vendor has thrown or was heavily apart of

Vendor Shows

 All content that are posted in the events slot for purchase MUST be present at

the event. (Ex. If you post an event that has an headliner, that headliner must be

present at the event)

 All vendors must answer any questions or concerns that artist may have in a

timely manner

 Vendors are a representation of that is why we expect them to

remain respectful and professional with all communication with our users.

 All vendors MUST provide performance opportunities with a mic, speakers, and venue

and/or performance space.

 All vendors MUST communicate with artists about any updates about shows prior to the

show date

 All vendors must create sign in sheets and take pictures of all events and artist for their

protection from refunds for artist

Vendor Transaction:

 All vendor transaction should be done through CrowdFreak’s payment services

or affiliates. No outside payments should be offered to our users. Refusal to

follow these guidelines can result in account suspension.

Suspension of Use Privileges

CrowdFreak shall have the right to suspend user/vendor accounts that do not abide by the user

agreements and rules of our site. This includes users that are involved in fraudulent activities, verbal

abuse, poor payment practices and delinquent payments due to the CrowdFreak Company and/or

vendors. Suspension can be temporary or indefinite, it is up to CrowdFreak management to decide the

extent of your suspension.

Reproducing Content on CrowdFreak:

You further agree not to reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, transmit,

distribute, transfer, display, perform, publish, and/or license any images, graphics, files, sounds,

icons, text, logos, software, products, and/or services, obtained from or otherwise available on

this website unless you have obtained prior written authorization from CrowdFreak to do so.

You agree not to integrate any content available on this website into other websites, for

example by means of “framing.” You agree not to reproduce, modify, create derivative works

from, imitate, transmit, distribute, transfer, display, perform or publish any of the content of

this website, or license or permit others to do any of the foregoing. Examples of protected

arrangements of digital content include, without limitation, the formatting and/or structure of

this website, the style, number and/or visual/contextual arrangement of data-entry boxes,

visual and/or contextual arrangement and/or sequence of text, images, designs, icons,

proportions and/or the style of text and design, and/or specific color combinations and/or

arrangements found on this website. All content available on this website and the arrangement

thereof is the exclusive property of CrowdFreak, and/or its content suppliers, and is protected

by U.S. and international copyright, trademark and trade dress law and the contract created by

the provisions of this agreement.

You agree not to use in any way and/or induce any third party to use in any way any

content or business models used on or available by reference to this website, either for your

own and/or a third party’s commercial benefit, and in particular not for the offering of online

music or entertainment promotion services or related commercial activities, such as, but not

limited to, promotion or production of concerts, live musical performances of any type or live

entertainment of any description.

CrowdFreak Privacy Notice:

Scope And Consent:

This Privacy Notice describes our collection, use, disclosure, retention, and protection of your personal information. It applies to any CrowdFreak site where this Privacy Notice appears in the footer, and to any CrowdFreak application, service, or tool (collectively “Services”) where this Privacy Notice is referenced, regardless of how you access or use them, including through mobile devices.


We collect and retain information that is placed on our site to better the functionality of our website. Information that you upload into our website, rather it be for your profile , registration, claims, discussion forums, chats or messaging, is retained and processed by CrowdFreak to better our services for our users.

Information Usage and Retaining:

All information gathered, collected and retained from users on are used to enhance and protect the experinces on our site. These experiences include reviewing claims, contacting users  about new performance opportunities on our site, customer service, investigating fraudulent activity, and advertising. We will retain all information that is important to the proper management of our site.


As you may know, our users are able to create profiles that displayed information about locations, social media and their talents to the worldwide web for exposure purposes. Your personal information will be disclosed to other members of the CrowdFreak community to process transactions, messaging and or claims on our website. Your profile can also be accessed when your profile URL is placed into the search bar of devices for artist exposure purposes. Your personal information is not given to third party companies for marketing purposes, however, some of the information in your profile can be accessed by using your profile URL.