Joey Mayhem

Well known Joey Mayhem, also part of the Growboyz, has been rapping seriously since he was 15 years old. When he was young he was heavily influenced by Drake and Jay-z. Joey has always been lyrically talented and clever but has greatly improved over the years continually capturing and holding his follower’s attention. Joey recently just dropped State of Being 2 with DJ Main Event and Good Sundays with Rico Lavelle. Coming up, he plans to build his audience in Windsor Canada performing at the Layd Showcase.

He also would like to really buckle down and focus on the details of his new album. Prior to his album he will be dropping singles, KnowItAll (Prod. @shawn_azzarelli) and BitterSweet (prod. @scottvstheworld) ft. Jones Heraux, which will be available on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spinrilla and all streaming outlets. Mayhem has had his fair share of performances, including many with Crowdfreak, but his most successful win would be the Imported from the D Showcase with DJBJ.

Between the other performers, the crowd and the overall vibes it was an amazing experience. “Performing is really therapeutic for me. No matter what I’m going through life, once I hit the stage I’m able to just let it all out and it shows in my performance. There’s nothing like it.” Wise words from Joey Mayhem, “Whatever you’re doing-don’t do it unless you plan on being the best at it.”