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Who We Are

In today’s entertainment industry, many upcoming artist have come to the understanding that

financial investments are needed to gain the popularity of mainstream artist. Rather, its exposure via

live performances or through social media, every upcoming artist at some point comes to the realization

that a financial investment into their artistic career is needed to gain the status that is needed to

become mainstream. Promoters, venues, and entertainment providers all charge different types of fees

to assist these artist in gaining the necessary exposure, but too often does this process become

complicated when artist do not have the networks to obtain these opportunities and promoters alike

don’t have immediate access to artist. Due to these barriers and this disconnect, was


CrowdFreak was built to be the missing link between the performer and the performance,

LITTERALLY. We have created an online platform that allows our vendors to post performance

opportunities and mainstream opening act opportunities for upcoming artist to purchase worldwide.

Our job is to assist artist in having direct access to performance opportunities, while also giving our

vendors (Promoters, Venues and Entertainment Providers) the ability to provide these entertainment

services and create revenue for their companies. Our vision is to be unrivaled in the entertainment

industry through providing unique and direct opportunities for artist to perform in front of their selected